Director: Ann-Julie Vervaeke
Screenplay: Ann-Julie Vervaeke based on the novel 'The Children of Calais' by Lara Taveirne
Producer: A Private View

Lilith (30) is a fragile young woman who works as a cleaning aid. When she is assigned to a new house that reminds her of the house she grew up in, Lilith remembers her own teenage years with best friend Violain. Together, the girls forged a suicide pact. When Lilith’s own teenage daughter, Rosie (14), gets her period, Lilith feels obliged to unlock the secrets of her past and tell Rosie about the terrible things that happened when she was her daughter’s age. WATERWOLF recounts the tragic friendship between teenage Lilith and Violaine and how its outcome reverberates upon three women of different generations.


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Feature film
Supported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Creative Europe Media Programme