Taking Chances

Patatje Oorlog


Director: Nicole Van Kilsdonk
Screenplay: Lotte Tabbers, based on the book by Marjolijn Hof
Producer: Lemming Film (NL)
Co-producer: A Private View
Director of Photography: Jeroen de Bruin
Editor: Wouter Jansen

Nine-year-old Kiek is very energetic and adores her father. When her father, a doctor, is traveling to a warzone to help people, Kiek starts to worry. He could get sick, have an accident or run into a bullet. To reduce the chance that something happens to him, she does funny things; she searches for a dead dog and a dead mouse. Because Kiek doesn’t know any kid who has a dead mouse, a dead dog and a dead father and so it is a really small chance.


  • Lucas Adriaanse
  • Pippa Allen
  • Kes Baxter
  • Johnny de Mol

More info

Feature film
Release year: 2011
Supported by: Nederlands Fonds vd Film, CoBo Fonds, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, A-Film, Querido
Distributor: A-Film
Release & festivals:

Winner Best Youth Film - Nederlands Film Festival ; Winner Best Dutch Film - Cinekid ; Winner ECFA Award for Best European Film - BUFF Filmfestival Malmö ; Winner Best Film - International Children's Film Festival Lucknow ; Winner Charly award Best Film - Stuttgarter Kinderfilmtage ; Winner best child actor - Within the Family Filmfestival ; Kristiansand ; Rebrandt Awards ; Berlinale

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