Science Fiction


Director: Dany Deprez
Screenplay: Chris Craps and Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem
Producer: A Private View
Co-producer: B&T Film (DE) Man's Films Productions (BE), Fu Works (NL)
Director of Photography: Walter Van den Ende
Editor: Michèle Hubinon

Ten-year old Andreas Decker is the new kid in town. He tells his class that he has lived all over the world on account of his parents being top scientific researchers. Yet classmate Vero finds Andreas’s workaholic parents very weird. She suggests to spy on them. So one night, Andreas plants a baby intercom under the cupboard and the children eavesdrop on the parents. It appears that Mum and Dad’s years of research are finally paying off. They talk about conquering the world and a secret that they cannot tell Andreas. For the baffled children, there can be only one conclusion: Andreas’s parents are aliens. Andreas can’t believe it but Vero stands firm: they have to warn the government. The only thing they have to find is evidence…


  • Wendy van Dijk
  • Koen De Bouw
  • Ilse van Hoecke
  • Staf Koppens

More info

Feature film
Release year: 2002
Supported by: Het Fonds Film in Vlaanderen, Le Centre du Cinema et de l'Audiovisuel de la Communeauté Française de Belgique et des Teledistributeurs Wallons, Filmboard Berlin Brandeburg, VRT, Tros, Canal +; Cobo Fonds, Rotterdam Film Fonds, Stad Gent, Marketingsfonds Brugge 2002, Eurimages, Het Mediaprogramma van de Europese Gemeenschap
Release & festivals:

Winner Best International Film for Teenagers - International Film festival Flanders, Ghent ; Winner Best Film - Vancouver International Children's festival ; Winner Audience Award - Festival International de Films pour Enfants de Montréal ; Cinekid Amsterdam ; Winner International Jury Prize - Zlin International film festival for Children and Youth ; International Youth Film Festival Antwerp ; Leeds Children and Young People Festival ; Cinenygma Luxembourg International Film Festival ; Goldener Spatz Kinderfilmfestte ; International Film Festival Utrecht

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