The Best of Dorien B. selected for Beijing International Film Festival

Anke Blondé’s debut feature, THE BEST OF DORIEN B., has been selected at the Beijing International Film Festival (13 – 20 April 2019). The film will be presented in two sections: the Forward Future section and the Panorama section. Filmmaker Anke Blondé will attend the Chinese premiere of her film.

THE BEST OF DORIEN B. is a dramatic comedy about a woman rediscovering herself in the midst of the domestic chaos that surrounds her. Anke wrote the screenplay with Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem. The main actors Kim Snauwaert and Jelle De Beule make their debut on the big screen and there are important supporting roles for Katelijne Verbeke, Wine Dierickx and Dirk van Dijck. David Williamson is D.O.P., Axel Skovdal Roelofs edited and Rutger Reinders composed the music for the film. In January 2019, THE BEST OF DORIEN B. premiered at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam and was warmly received by the Dutch press and the public.


The Beijing International Film Festival was founded in 2011 and is one of the world’s most prominent film festivals. Filmmakers, directors and producers from all over the world are present. The previous editions of the festival were attended by, among others, Natali Portman, Darren Aronofsky, Alfonso Cuaron and Oliver Stone. With the Forward Future section, the festival wants to focus on the discovery of young, promising filmmakers, and look for the latest trends in the global film industry to encourage the cultural diversity of cinema. THE BEST OF DORIEN B. has a chance to win four prizes, namely: “The Most Popular Film”, “The Most Popular Director”, “The Most Popular Screenwriter” and “The Most Popular Film by Audience”.

Anke Blondé previously directed two internationally acclaimed short films, DURA LEX and MISTER FRITS, and is also a much sought after casting director. She was responsible for the casting of THE MISFORTUNATES and THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN by Felix van Groeningen and the television series BEAU SEJOUR. On September 11, the film will be released in Belgium by Kinepolis Film Distribution.

published on March 25, 2019
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